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Programming Options

Nutrition & Workout Training Program

This program includes nutrition and workout programming for three months, all tailored to your goals – transforming your body and fitness levels to where you want them to be.

It begins with an initial meeting to discuss desired goals and food preferences, and continues with weekly feedback from you (via email) on your progress. Adjustments to your program are made on an ongoing basis as we help you to achieve your desired goals.

Nurition Training Program

This program is designed for those people who have their exercise routines in place already but need assistance with nutrition.This three month program is designed specifically for you, based on your food preferences and geared towards the results you want. The Nutrition Training Program will equip you to understand how your macro-nutrient ratios can affect your progress to your desired goals.

You will be able to carry on using this knowledge even after the program is complete. The program begins with an initial client meeting where we discuss your current nutritional intake, goals, and food preferences. Your plan – designed just for you.

Accountability Package

The Accountability Package uses monthly in-person meetings to quantitatively assess the effectiveness of your personalized program. Metrics include weight, body part measurements, body fat calculations and an assessment of energy levels. Monthly progress pictures are taken and used to track progress.

The Accountability Package will increase your level of motivation – you will be able to see the changes that are taking place in your body. This package can be added to either the Nutrition & Workout Training Program or the Nutrition Training Program.

What people are saying…

  • I'm not usually a share like this person, but I think this could be good motivation for others. I wanted to lose weight and get fit but didn't know how to. I though eating healthy was a chicken burger at a restaurant instead of a hamburger. Then 3 months ago I had a friend ask me to go to North Strong Fitness. At first I really didn't want to. I was just making up reasons not to go. Well I almost didn't make my first class but I forced myself to go.   I'm soooo glad I did. I now weigh 168 (down from 205) and know how to eat properly and train for results. Todd and Carrie have helped me get to where I am now. I love the days that we have works outs!
  • Three months ago I started a journey that I am so glad to be on, I joined North Strong Fitness.  There is not a day that goes by where I am not happy I did.  I feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt before.  Carrie and Todd truly care about each member that walks through their door.  The workouts are energizing and you can’t wait for the next one!  My results have been incredible.  If I can do it, then anyone can do it too.  We all just need somewhere to start.  I choose to start at North Strong Fitness!

  • My friend and I were nervous to go at first - but we encouraged each other and went. We discovered working out is fun and we're still loving it eight months later!

    Carrie and Todd are passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm they bring to every session.  They are encouraging and they know when to push. The workouts are always being changed up, and you never know for sure what the next one is going to be until you walk in the gym.  It’s never boring. I still cannot believe how much stronger I am than when I started.

    Lately, I’ve been able to make goals and achieve them. Never would I even have considered them a year ago.  Running a 10k, Mud hero, etc...  With my endurance now, I feel like I can do much more. I recommend you give it a try and don’t give up.  There are a variety of time slots and it’s never intimidating.  Try it now!  There’s a group of motivating people waiting for you!

  • Since I've started at North Strong I've noticed changes in how my body feels and looks. I am more muscular now than I have ever been in my 46 years of life. I love all the changes, but the best part is my strength. I can now pick up a 30 pound bag of dog food and throw it over my shoulder. I can carry bags of softener salt easier than ever before. I am stronger in my everyday life, and that feels amazing! Thanks to a persistent girlfriend who encouraged me to start, and to Todd and Carrie for their knowledge, I look forward to my workouts each week and the positive changes in my life.